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Online Booking Engine

An online booking engine HotelIngen is an online booking engine to streamline your revenue. It is an easy to configure, easy to integrate and easy to use system.

  • Chain of Hotels
  • Inventory Management
  • Personalize UI
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Property Management System

An state of the art PMS Manage your hotel with this easy to use PMS.

  • Reservations
  • Check-in/ Check-out
  • Extend/ Upgrade
  • Daily dashboard
  • Cancellation
  • Extra facilities
  • Payments
  • Bills
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Mobile platform

Andoird and iOS applications Full featured native mobile applications for a great end user experience.

  • Search rooms
  • Make reservaions
  • Cancellation
  • View history
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100 % configurable!

Configure your hotel from scratch.

Categories, Prices, Rooms, Paid/ Free facilities

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3 tier pricing

Set daily, weekend and seasonal pricing.

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Manage your cancellation, early check-out, early check-in policies.

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Manage tax at hotel and category level.

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A suite of hotel management services
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